Providing Solutions for all markets

Commercial Buildings
Corporate Offices
Hotel and Restaurants

Our solutions have been shaped by years of innovation. We’ve evolved across many industries, gaining strength and expertise through their diversity. Our focus on meeting the needs of our clients to help them succeed is evident in our enduring presence in these markets.


Working hard for 100% client satisfaction

Our people & processes ensure that our customers receive high-quality service and support. CK Group offers industry-leading expertise and the resources to execute a wide range, size and complexity of capital infrastructure projects. Our staff experience includes projects involving Transportation, Airport, and Facilities Infrastructure Engineering; Materials Testing and Survey.


100% CK = 100% Confidence

CK as a brand represents the value we add to our services—it’s the value we bring to customers and our commitment to deliver innovative and effective solutions to the toughest challenges. It’s our knowledge, our expertise, and our resources. It’s our people, our processes, and our technologies. It’s our history, our culture, our core values, and our future. It’s the extra that CK Group brings to every assignment