Dr. Karan Israni

The man with a vision

As the fastest growing name in the world of civil construction, finishing & MEP work, CK israni group has established a strong presence in the Indian real estate market. The Group is founded on a vision which seeks to usher in a better tomorrow by providing quality services on time and on budget.Led by experienced and energetic staff and guided by the dreams of million, we have endeavored to commit ourselves to providing comprehensive solutions to all our valued customers across the Real Estate Industry; solutions that combine high-end technology, design and aesthetics and meet customer aspirations and expectations through superior standards of performance and service.

The aim for CK as a Group is to be a professional and responsive corporate entity, which positively transforms the quality of life of society at large. Together with our partners and associates, we have developed acres and acres of quality structures. With CK Construction, CK Decor's and CK israniFoundation; Our unwavering commitment to improvement and Innovation continues in the form of several signature projects currently underway.