Meet CK's Left and the Right Arms

CK Constructions

Headquartered in Noida, CK Constructions, with the employee base of over 2000 people, are the masters of all civil construction work including finishing & MEP work.

CK Décors

Right said, the beauty of space enhances by way the it has been designed. With international-standard infrastructure and methodology par excellence, CK Decors is your complete architectural designing source offering residential interior designs, commercial interior designs, floor planning, house renovation, modification custom plans, and several other architectural contract and turnkey projects. CK Decors strives to execute the best piece of work for its clients that creates eye-capturing interiors.

CK Retails

CK Lifestyle is at the forefront of a culinary renaissance in India's luxury food sector. With a bold vision and a commitment to excellence, we have brought iconic international brands to the Indian market, elevating the dining experience to unparalleled heights. Introducing renowned French brand Ladurée and the London-based pizza giant Crazy Pizza to India, CK Israni Group has set new standards of taste, sophistication, and innovation. Through our ventures, we aim to delight discerning palates and redefine the landscape of luxury dining in India. Join us as we continue to lead the charge in shaping the future of gastronomy in the country.