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CK Lifestyle is at the forefront of a culinary renaissance in India's luxury food sector. With a bold vision and a commitment to excellence, we have brought iconic international brands to the Indian market, elevating the dining experience to unparalleled heights. Introducing renowned French brand Ladurée and the London-based pizza giant Crazy Pizza to India, CK Israni Group has set new standards of taste, sophistication, and innovation. Through our ventures, we aim to delight discerning palates and redefine the landscape of luxury dining in India. Join us as we continue to lead the charge in shaping the future of gastronomy in the country.

Chandni Nath Israni

Leading the Culinary Renaissance in India's Luxury Food Sector Transforming Brands and Expanding Culinary Horizons for Discerning Consumers

In the dynamic realm of luxury and lifestyle, Chandni Nath Israni stands as an exceptional trailblazer, reshaping India's culinary landscape. As the visionary co-founder of the CK Israni Group, she not only successfully introduced Ladurée to India but also expanded the brand's footprint from Delhi (Khan Market and Emporio) to Gurgaon (Ambience Mall) and now Mumbai, leaving an indelible mark on the nation's gastronomic canvas. Furthermore, her entrepreneurial acumen and strategic foresight have given rise to another exciting venture, Crazy Pizza, an international chain set to grace India's culinary scene in 2024.

With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience and fueled by an unwavering vision, Chandni led the introduction of Ladurée, the iconic French patisserie, to India's discerning market. As the co-founder of CIX Israni Group, she seized the exceptional opportunity to bring this renowned brand to India. Ladurée, celebrated for its exceptional offerings, including double-decker macarons, French toast, and French patisserie, quickly became a beloved choice among Indian patrons.

Beyond her accomplishments with Ladurée, Chandni envisions a future replete with boundless possibilities. As a true connoisseur of luxury experiences, she aspires to introduce a diverse range of ventures that extend beyond the culinary realm, encompassing food, lifestyle, fashion, and more. Her unwavering commitment to perfection and meticulous attention to detail are evident in every facet of the Ladurée experience, from the elegant decor to the thoughtfully curated ainbiance, and the exceptional service provided by a dedicated team.

Chandni Nath Israni's unmatched dedication and innovative spirit have catapulted her to the forefront of India's luxury culinary landscape. Through her visionary leadership, she continues to redefine indulgence, delivering extraordinary experiences to the most discerning clientele. Furthermore, her role as the co-founder of CIX Israrii Group has positioned her as a transformative figure in the industry, poised to elevate it to global recognition. With her keen entrepreneurial skills and the upcoming introduction of Crazy Pizza, Chandni Nath Israni is undoubtedly shaping the future of luxury dining in India and beyond.

Her exceptional contributions were acknowledged at The Times 40 under 40 Summit 2023, affirming her trailblazing role in India's luxury food industry.

Chandni Nath Israni s illustrious culinary journey reached new heights with accolades at ET Women Conclave 2023 and HT Health Shots She Slays Awards for her remarkable leadership at Laduree India.

Chandni's visionary leadership not only introduced Laduree to India but also expanded its footprint across multiple cities. These awards underscore her dedication to transforming India's culinary landscape and solidify her position as a prominent figure in the industry